Online Business

Online Business
  1. The Logo should lead to the homepage

Recent page analysis showed that a large number of visitors click the logo to drive back to the homepage, there for, you must make it clickable.

  1. Large images and autoplay videos

Having full resolution images on the website is cool, but you must know that the larger the images on the site – then more issues arise and the site is way slower.

There are various plugins and online services that will compress your image in less size but better quality.

  1. Don’t make content that can be text into graphic

Since SEO is a big thing nowadays, you must avoid making text into graphics, due the fact that the search engine bots can’t follow the text on images.

  1. Fake Stock Images

Stock images are used to boost the looks of your website, and it’s a good thing that many websites are using it. However, lot’s of people are trying to trick you by using fake stock photos to make their “team” look better. Don’t do that, everyone has already seen these stock images.

  1. Autoplay Music in Background or Sound

Yes, everyone loves to hear a nice song in the background while browsing your website. I`m joking. This is a huge no-no , due the fact that many users are listening to music already or maybe are on a public (or work) place and the last thing they want is a sudden music blast. They`ll leave your site instantly.

  1. Testing the site on all browsers

Take a note that not all web browsers are the same, as some codes on the site may not be shown on other browsers. The website will be looking broken and weird, so make sure you check it on all browsers.

  1. Not Making the Website responsive for mobile

As time goes mobile users will outnumber the desktop users when it comes to mobile browsing, so you must optimize the website to be mobile friendly to catch the new trend, plus mobile optimized sites rank better on the search engine result pages.


How many web design mistakes does your website have? Let us know in the comments below.